Enduratex Wexford Straw


  • Fabric Type Enduratex 
  • Collection Wexford Faux leather, Forbid treatment Crib5 
  • Width 137cm wide
  • Sofas and Chairs, Outdoor Marine, Healthcare, Conservatory, Caravan / Motorhome /  Domestic FR,
  • Upholstery, 
  • 100,000 rubs


Enduratex Wexford

A stain resistant topcoat that preserves upholstery integrity, luster and softness. Ink, sharpie, lipstick, red wine, coffee or indigo dye are simply no match for Forbid. Enduratex™  is known for providing superior durable coated fabrics to the Automotive, Hospitality, Marine, Healthcare.